General Information

Tour/Height: 1619 Meters

Time: A whole day. Easy.

Road-Length: 4.2 Kilometers one way

Consistence of the Road: Macadam pavement, Forest road, Wood bridge.

Toilet: We could not find an accessible toilet!

TIP: You can get Austrian food in the Venedigerhaus. They get their products from their Neighbour who has a farm.



Getting There

Road description: We drive from Matrei to Innergschlöss - this is 13 Kilometeres away. At the crossroad which is shortly before the southern Felbertauerntube we turn on the left side to get to the Matreier Tauernhouse. We park there on the big parking space where you have to pay a parking fee and then we take the carriage (or you can also walk) over the Macadam pavement to the beautifull "Talschluss der Ostalpen". With children or older people it may be better to take the carriage at least for one way! It is really a lot of fun.

Along the Gschlösslriver the carriage-driver tells us many stories from the region and also the interesting meaning of the "Felsenkapelle". On the way are a lot of wonderfull Alps from "Außer- and Innergschlöss". The view to the "Großvenediger" stayed in our memory. Well, the children still remember the playing next to the waterfall and driving around with the carriage.



Matrei in OsttirolOsttirol

A hiking path for which You will need a whole day.


Accessibility & Report

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